Incredible Artists to Inspire You

Follow these  links to peruse the websites of two incredible artists whose work deeply resonate on the various social and cultural issues they explore.

Nicolas Galanin: a fellow whose work I’ve admired and followed for years. A quote from Wikipedia “Nicholas Galanin is a multi-disciplinary artist and musician of mixed Tlingit/Aleut and non-Native ancestry. His work often explores a dialogue of change and identity between Native and non-Native communities.”

A link to his site, which is frequently updated. Follow it to his Flickr account to see his full portfolio. WOW.

Featured Art Image: “The American Dream is Alie and Well” Nicolas Galanin. 2012. US Flag, Felt, .50cal ammunition, foam, gold leaf, plastic

Lisa Jarret: an incredibly talented artist whom I’ve had the pleasure of sharing studio space with. An excerpt from her biography: “Growing up as a Black American who moved with her family to various, often conflicting political climates in cities in Texas, Minnesota, and New York, the influences of her upbringing in a post-Civil Rights and increasingly so-called “post-racial” America are apparent in her work, which seeks to confront ideas of racial difference and perceptions of racial equality.”

A link to her website. Take a look, you won’t be disappointed!

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