Return of Paint & Take Workshops

After a hiatus of nearly a year, I’ve decided it’s time to return to teaching face to face studio courses. I will be offering only a limited selection of the popular workshops I taught for the three years Goodkind Gallery’s doors were open. I have very little “extra time” to teach the classes, but admittedly, I miss playing in paint with others and sharing a passion for art-making in the wholesome and vibrant atmosphere of a workshop style class.

A brief call on the “Glasgow Montana Online Yard Sale” page showed the overwhelming interest and enthusiasm of locals for the opportunity to be in a workshop again. I refer to these workshops as “Paint & Take” because you will complete (or nearly so) a painting during the course of the three hour class and will leave with your piece in hand. We will paint on stretched and prepared canvases using quick-drying acrylics. Painters will be led through a step-by-step process by shadowing. Depending on the interest reflected in the first set of workshops, there will either be more a more in depth series offered to those who want to participate in a monthly class and/or a continuation of the “Paint & Take” style where the participant need not have any former experience or plan to return consecutively. Possibly both will be offered jointly. These classes will likely be offered one Thursday a month and one Sunday a month, or less; depending on the interest of the community.

There has been considerable interest in the return of the Kids Art Classes, which I also taught for many years. The kiddos who participated in the courses were a delight and the classes with them were one of the highlights of my business ownership. I am debating on creating an additional once-a-month Kids’ Class or on filling one of the official “two” monthly classes that I’ve currently committed to with a group of kids. The decision will depend on the enrollments in currently offered classes and participant retention after the first couple months. I am reticent to commit to classes that will only be partially filled, but eager to meet the needs of the community.

It’ll be great to return to the studio-style courses and interesting to consider this work in relation to the digital courses content taught on ArtLEDge with MDPLN. Perhaps an amalgamation of the two will ensue. In the meantime, let the paint flow!

A few images from previous courses:


IMG_3298    IMG_3345

                                  To register for one of the two upcoming workshops that still have a few spaces: Thursday 1/15 6pm-9m or Sunday 2/8 12pm-3pm. Email me @ ASAP or with any questions!

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