ArtLEDge Paint & Take Workshop SUCCESS!

This past Thursday the first ArtLEDge Paint and Take Workshop made it’s dazzling debut in the Wheatgrass Gallery, nestled on a quiet chilly street in North Eastern Montana. The class was full and the participants were engaged and active, trying their hand at abstract painting techniques; many of them for the first time.

Although most of us have had some exposure to abstract styles, in rural Montana (as many other places in the U.S with good ol’ salt of the earth folks) there’s a distinct preference for “rendered” art-imagery. Some of the individuals who attended the workshop had a bit of experience in rendering imagery themselves, but on the vast majority many of these individuals had very little or no experience.

As such, the abstract style I chose to teach the class in was both a departure from stylistic preferences and from paint manipulation practices. Despite the lack of familiarity participants rose nobly to the challenge and many were able to rescind control enough to allow for pleasurable experimentation. The wine and friendly banter accompanying the evening set the scene for a relaxed event.

Images of Preparation for Workshop:




Images of Workshop Event:





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