NEW Hybrid Learning Model: NE MT Teachers!

I’m excited to be offering something new to the teachers of North East Montana, in response to the feedback I received last fall. Teachers in the area expressed a desire for face to face teaching with me, in a studio setting. In response to that desire I am offering a “Pilot” of a Hybrid Learning Opportunity.

Teachers (both Primary & Secondary) will engage with the digital course on MDPLN for approximately 15 hours of the required 30 instructional hours (for which they receive 30 RU and can also receive 2 Graduate Credits if they choose). They will engage with ME in studio based instruction for an additional 15 hours (Two workshops that are approximately 4 hours each). MDPLN coursework comes at no cost to participants; and studio based instruction is $150 for both workshops (including all materials and instruction).

“Text based” content is conveyed digitally. This is the instructional content that comprises the “backbone” of the course; participants will learn through Contemporary Non-Traditional Art and will focus on deepening their use of Visual Language and developing Arts Integration Strategies for their classrooms. There’s an emphasis on literacy development and student engagement practices through art-inclusive lesson plan design.

Primary and Secondary Course Registrations are BOTH open now. You must contact me directly if you’re interested in the Hybrid Opportunity. Attached you will find a flyer with all the details!

Click to view flyer: artledgespringhybridpilotflyer

Register @

Questions? Email me:


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