Art Provokes Thought About Chauvinism in the Workplace

I came across this review of a show I had in Las Vegas, at the CSN Campus, titled “Chauvinism at Work: Role Evolution?”. The show was over a year ago and it’s been quite awhile since I’ve completed new works in this series. Yet, I still think there is much more that I need to do as an artist within the context of this work.

To view the series, visit my personal page:

Coyote Student News at the College of Southern Nevada

eleni 3 Cathryn Sugg artwork

By Eleni Parashos

Amidst the quilt made of thongs and portraits of bare-breasted women, the attendees of The Fine Arts Gallery’s latest exhibition “Chauvinism at Work: Role Evolution” at the College of Southern Nevada are not shocked by what they see, but instead by what they read.

During the opening of her exhibition on Oct. 11, 2013 artist and University of Nevada, Las Vegas Alum Cathryn Sugg presented 15 pieces that comment on the dual perspective of the modern woman: sex object and working woman.

Six of these pieces are portraits of real women; they are nude except for parts of their work uniform—a uniform traditionally worn by a man. Each woman was interviewed by Sugg and their responses are etched in the portraits as embroidered statements and personal stories.

Jeff Fulmer, CSN’s senior specialist in the Department of Fine Arts, explains why Sugg’s work was chosen…

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