Become an ArtLEDgend!

At long last the ArtLEDge website has begun to evolve beyond the blog format. This has been a much needed (albeit time consuming) evolution, and one which is beginning to bear fruit. There are many changes to come; in particular a significant amount of content that will be added over the next few weeks, and many structural changes.


In the meantime, the most evident changes are found in content additions. The first two official “pages” beyond that of the blog itself, include that of the “Graffiti and Street Art” page and the “Ethnic Minority Art” page. Both of these pages reflect different realms of content research ArtLEDge is constantly engaged in.

Upcoming pages to keep an eye out for will include a artists’ professional development page and a page dedicated to art education pedagogies (and ArtLEDge specific resources on integrating art in non-art classrooms). Keep an eye peeled for these exciting innovations. And in the meantime bbecome an ArtLEDgend, by following ArtLEDge on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on WordPress.

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