A Celebration of Childrens’ Inner Strength

In recent research I’ve been re-examining and intentionally drawing connections between various art forms that draw awareness of and celebrate inner strength. In particular I am drawn to artworks which raise awareness on the celebration of inner strength within youth, and especially within youth who encounter abuse of the “self”.

“Abuse of the self” is a rather general term and can refer to so many manifestations of violence; but the artists whose work I am speaking of in particular are drawing our awareness to the ways youth suffer from emotional and social abuse, and how in spite of this are capable of withdrawing to a safe inner place of strength.

I am struck by the beauty and the purity of the “self” within youth: the core of being that is at its most unaltered form pure and loving, joyful, resilient, playful, and strong. The self that in youth, is taking shape; that suffers damage and rebounds. That is on horrific occasion wounded beyond repair. The self that evolves into the core of who we are as adults.

I would like to share with you artists whose work examines the acts of violence against the pure self within a child. These artworks illustrate some of the ways that children tap into their inner strength and survive acts of emotional, or social violence.

The film “Savage” by Aboriginal Artist Lisa Jackson:

"Savage" (still) Film by Lisa Jackson. Follow link below to view.
“Savage” (still). View film below.


The incredible video “Make it Bun Dem” by Skrillex & Damian “Jr. Gong Marley”:

And, finally, the music video “Naughty Boy” by La La La ft. Sam Smith:

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