Deep Personal Conversations: The Agony of the Artist

Jagel Mixing Pigments
Jagel Mixing Pigments

Jason Jagel, artist working in the Mission District in San Fran, speaks on some of the underlying truths in artistry, in this video, which gave me chills of gratification the first time I heard it:

There are so many reasons artists are driven to create; but frequently it boils down to the external expression of an internal conversation. After watching the video of Jagel and checking out his website (some really compelling featured images, including the one below) I was reminded of an article on brainpickings where I read:

“The Artist is no other than he who unlearns what he has learned, in order to know himself, and the agony of the artist, far from being the result of the world’s failure to discover and appreciate him, arises from his own personal struggle to discover, appreciate, and finally, to express himself.”

In both the video of Jagel and the article referencing Jeanette Winterson, an essential point is made regarding the internal conversation of the artist. Is art which expresses internally wrestled for truths more potent for having gained freedom of expression through the artists chosen media? I would argue so; that art which speaks to some potent awareness (of self? of environment? of culture?) resonates more deeply not just with the artist but also with those who view the work. That the essential truths of those fought for understandings are easily perceived by those who would truly SEE when viewing an artists work.

"Western Civilization" Jason Jagel, 2012
“Western Civilization” Jason Jagel, 2012

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