About Me

 When people ask me what I “do”, I often pause for a moment, and ask them which “hat” they’d like to hear about first.

Sometimes I’m a fine artist, making what I please. Sometimes I’m a fine artist, fulfilling orders for clients. Sometimes, I’m a curriculum developer, working with universities and public schools to provide innovative educational opportunities. Sometimes I’m an art instructor, playing in paint with toddlers and teenagers alike.

But, at the root of everything…I am a creator.

Whichever type of work I’m doing in that moment, there is always, always, some kind of creation that occurs. The work you find on this site, through my company ArtLEDge,LLC. is a reflection of many of those various endeavors.

And to learn more about my studio art practice (truly, the work that provides fuel to all my other fires), take a look at my personal site:



You can also find and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin…or, wandering around Montana. Thanks for taking a look. Love to you!