Painting Workshops

Celebrating art through making 

Mini & Me

Remember “playing” with art materials as a kid? That’s what Mini & Me is all about. It’s a collaborative painting workshop that adults and children experience together. You both play in paint and leave with a unique work of art.

Kids Classes

These focus on nurturing the art-interest of children 7-12 years old who would enjoy and benefit from learning art materials more in-depth. These classes are very small and recurring; many of the students I work with have been taking classes for 3-4 years now!

Adult Workshops

In these workshops I focus on giving you the opportunity to paint in a fun, relaxed environment, with some expert help along the way. The goal here is to help reconnect people with the part of themselves that LOVED art, but hasn’t made anything in awhile.

Independent Classes

This is a one on one scenario where I will give you whatever instruction we arrange. Whether that’s drawing, or painting, or even working in more non-traditional mediums; the goal in this experience is to foster whatever skill you’d like to develop further.

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