Summer Painting Course

Become an ArtLEDgend by enrolling in a Studio Course or Workshop

Studio courses are progressive learning opportunities during which you can expect to establish or build upon a specific visual art technique. These vary by interest and are offered seasonally, are dependent on enrollment numbers, meet at a prearranged location according to participant determined dates, and are supported with digital discussion groups.

Summer 2015: Oil/ Acrylic Painting Course: Enroll NOW- JUNE 22nd 


Enroll with Instructor Cathryn Sugg to take a Face to Face Painting Course and learn basic techniques, or increase your current knowledge in either medium (Oil or Acrylic). Cost is $200 total ($50 per 4 hour class). Two paintings will be created with guided instruction, one painting independently (3 total). Additional Details:

– Participants meet TWO times a month during July & August (FOUR meetings total) for 4 hours per class. In between live classes participants will have instructor & peer access through social media discussion forums.

– Meeting dates will be determined by participants (scheduled according mutual participant agreement). Entire series must be enrolled in; minimum of four participants, maximum of 10, for course to run. Course will take place at The Wheatgrass Art Gallery, on 2nd Ave. S. in downtown Glasgow, Montana.

– Shopping list for Oil Painting Class:

– Shopping list for Acrylic Painting Class:

*Supplies can be purchased from another source, the “Amazon Wish Lists” (above) are intended as a reference only

Enroll by contacting Cathryn Sugg at: OR (406)671-0659

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